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Egyptian Chamber membership of the human resource management features:

1. attendance the " Knowledge Day " which is held  at the headquarters of the room on the first Saturday of each month.

2. Get 20% discount on all courses and diplomas .

4. Members have the priority in employment by the company at the appropriate functions in all the other companies that deal with the Egyptian Chamber of the human resource management

5. Each member can borrow any book from the private library room, according to the existing regulations.

6.Each member can participate and attend all the different activities of the trips and concerts, conferences, forums, seminars and various other activities.

7. Each member can get some free training programs offered at the chamber's headquarters or elsewhere

8. Each member is able to obtain a membership Card which is renewed every year

9. attend the annual conference of the workers and the management of human resources "HRians", which is organized by the Egyptian Chamber of every year.