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Vision and goals

A leading organization in the field of business was launched in April 2010 to establish the foundations of the administrative development in the country has the resources and potential of lots and perhaps the most important is the human resource that buffeted some impurities as a result of corruption, which nestling for many decades and founded suspicious of a culture of despair and frustration.

The idea began by noting that a majority of charities in our Arab countries concerned with giving their people the fish do not know how to hunt! Most of the action is confined to bridge the hunger and ensure that orphans and widows and projects ... etc. It is a great project we salute those who made it and call on God to be in the balance of their good deeds. But scarce development institutions based on a system of administrative development bearing upon themselves to other files Kaltosas of the concepts of modern management and change the culture of peoples. Hence the conviction to establish this entity which means the following:

- Rehabilitation of companies and institutions in the Arab countries for the application of modern management concepts

- Publication of the work culture

- Bridging the gaps between education outputs and the requirements of the labor market

- Spreading the culture of (investment in the minds)

- Convergence between business owners and their employees to unify visions

the message 

Reduce the gap between reality and expectations of our partners and reach a high level of quality and profitability and increase productivity and customer satisfaction.