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Egyptian Chamber granted for the management of human resources jobs, an integrated management system that facilitates its implementation and follow-up and measure the return of it by experts and advisers with expertise in the analysis and implementation, measurement and consulting services include the following outputs:

- Cards integrated job description include identifying the tasks and duties and responsibilities as well as the knowledge needed for better performance and skills.
- Management structure tightly path clear job
- Salaries and wages scale commensurate with the weight of each function and return them
- Incentive system linking production
- Planning and forecasting the size of the labor required to do the job tasks to cover the deficit or surplus labor accurately determine
- Develop training and development departments and departmental action plans aimed at improving performance and access its advanced level
- The best elements in the selection of the labor market in line with the strategic objectives of the company
- Systems to evaluate the performance of employees and to develop key performance indicators
- A strategic plan designed to promote the human element and retention and reduce labor turnover nightmare
- Design based on a needs analysis and prioritization of training programs
- Follow-up systems aimed at reducing the time lost in routine business
- Develop policies and procedures for human resources
- A list of sanctions classified according to the type of offense and the number of frequencies and compatible with the Egyptian Labor Law
- A model of competencies and key skills and competencies boroughs
- All Papers, documents and files required for the working procedures in human resources management


Professional and personal guidance
It is the individual meetings with the guidance of professional and personal help in solving personal and professional problems and the preparation of future plans professionally
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