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Set yourself apart and unleashed a success

With the most demanding program and the effectiveness of the business sector
And approved by the Egyptian Chamber of human resources management

Features Attendance: -

Select the headquarters of the study that suits you both at the headquarters of the Egyptian Chamber of Nasr City or Dokki branch can also attend online interactive system of sound and image. "
Certificates accredited from Ain Shams University and authenticated by the Egyptian Foreign
Specialists in the field of Business Administration
Professional study
The largest scientific cover for a number of threads in a single training program
The value of the program is the most competitive and suitable for a trainee in the market
Scientific content selected from the best and the world's most famous books in the field of Business Administration
Training is a theoretical lectures and workshops where the practice of the latest business management applications
If you complete your master's study of the Egyptian room, it is calculated by the credit hours and neutralized to reduce the number of study materials Pal MBA
The contents of the program structure of the program
Strategic Management Strategic Management
Marketing Management Marketing Management
Financial and fiscal financing business
Leadership and work ethic of leadership and work ethic
Human Resources Management Human Resources Management
Project Management Project Management

Duration: 4 months / one session per week

Language: Arabic and English

ALMS: English

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