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The Goal :- 

Preparation (Competent Trainer) believes that the training message borne honestly, and offered equably.


 1- Identification of the training ability, comparing with the level of competencies of leadership level

 2- The ability to draw a road map for their training future .

 3- Identification of circuit training (from identification of needs to achieve goals and how to be guided by this department in the preparation and presentation of specialized training programs)

4- Knowledge of the Department of learning styles and how to be guided by this knowledge in the design, construction and provision of training material.

5- Understanding the dynamics of group interaction (Group Dynamics) within the halls of training, and how to invest this understanding to accelerate the achievement of communication and understanding. (Rapport)

6- The use of modern methods in training (short lecture questions - talk - training assignments of all kinds).

7- Recognize the special environment and the climate of the importance of training, and learn about the art of management training sessions, especially the opening session.

8- Discuss the difficult training or emergency situations and how to deal with it.

9- Provide training demos.

Outlines :- 

*Effective communication skills with the public.

*Preparation of training bags.

*Design presentations.

*Diction and presentation skills.

*Business management training.

*Design and development of applications and games training .

*Introduction- Getting started 

*Understanding training, facilitation and T.N.A 

*Gathering Material and training Design 

*Training Methods and Styles 

*Delivery trips and tricks 

*Dealing with difficult Participants 

*Skills of effective trainer 

*Charismatic Trainer 

*Modern Psychological theories 

*Tips to reduce stress and fear 

*The Star presenter 

Accredited by :- 

1-  Egyptian Chamber of human resources management
2- Ain-Shams University "surchrage" 

*Participants get at the end of the program on "certified trainer" card of the Egyptian Chamber of human resources management

Contact us on :- 02/24043220 01023336881/2/3

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